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Santa Barbara Police Reserve Corps

The Police Reserve Corps is a volunteer group who has gone through essentially the same selection process as regular officers. Reserve officers receive additional specialized training in order to assist specialty units on an as-needed basis. Many of the reserve officers have other careers and volunteer their time to assist the community. Some reserve officers have aspirations of becoming regular officers and find the Reserve Corps an excellent training ground to prepare them for a law enforcement career. These dedicated individuals provide thousands of hours of volunteer time to the city each year.

The reserve officers are assigned to work traffic and crowd control at all special events that occur in our city. Additionally, they are required to attend one training meeting and put in a 10 hour shift with a regular patrol officer each month and four mandatory parades a year. The Reserve Corps has its own internal rank structure.

The Police Reserve Corps consists of men and women from a variety of professions who donate their time and effort to serve their community. The reserve officer is a sworn part-time police officer who performs a civic duty assisting the full-time officers in their assigned duties. They wear the same uniforms, drive the same cars, make the same arrests, and take the same risks as regular officers.

Since its inception the Reserve Corps has contributed thousands of hours of service performing such duties as: patrol, crowd control at sporting events and concerts, parades, logistical support, plainclothes details, and most Fiesta events. These Reserve Officers find their work in law enforcement exciting and very rewarding.

The Reserve Cadet must attend a basic academy which consists of a variety of subjects, including first aid and C.P.R., self-defense, laws of arrest, and search and seizure. This training will amount to approximately 100 hours.

In addition to this academy, trainees are required to attend classes in accordance with Section 832 of the California Penal Code, and the Police Officers Standards of Training (P.O.S.T.), at Santa Barbara City College. The classes are presented in a modular format which ranges between 168 to 760 hours of instruction.

The basic academy training is presented in a quasi-military atmosphere that is designed to prepare the new Reserve Officer for whatever he or she might encounter on the beat.

It provides the skills and discipline needed to perform assigned duties in a reliable and confident manner. Successful completion of both the academy and the college courses are required to perform as a Police Reserve Officer.

After graduation, the new officer will continue to receive 8 hours of formal training each quarter, determined by the specific needs of the Department. Initially, each new officer is assigned forty hours with a regular training officer who supervises their on-the-job training and gives them advice on street knowledge.

The sum total of this comprehensive training is over 400 hours of experience. This provides the Santa Barbara Reserve Corps with the trained and experienced men and women it needs, to perform up to its high standards of achievement.

Only the best join the Santa Barbara Police Reserves. Be a part of a professional organization and serve your community in a unique way.


Applications are accepted on a continual basis.  Interested?  Email us: or call us: 805-897-2465

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