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Santa Barbara Police Department’s Volunteer Policing Program enhances the department’s relationship and communication with the public, through an approach known as community-oriented policing.  Our valued VIP’s wear gray uniforms and “volunteer” badges.  Each volunteer acts as an ambassador between the community and the police department. 


VIP’s have a variety of assignments.  You may find yourself assigned to assist in our front lobby on Figueroa Street, be a police department liaison on State Street, assist our investigative division, help staff our police officer open-entry testing, attend recruitment events, manage the At-Risk Adult identification program and more!


Our VIP candidates come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of professional experiences, strong character and dedication to public service.

Each candidate will undergo an interview process and a department background investigation.

Interested?  Email us: or call us: 805-897-2465

Police volunteer team helping with citywide issues and community response | NewsChannel 3-12 (

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